ChromSword AutoRobust | ROBUSTNESS Testing

CsA AutoRobust | QbD

ChromSword AutoRobust provides the automation of method robustness tests in order to study the effects of method variables on resolution and integration results according to the Quality by Design (QbD) approach.

Define up to 9 parameters to be tested and evaluated during robustness study or Design Space development.

CSA AutoRobust | Robustness Test Parameters

CSA AutoRobust | Robustness Testing

Easy and fast way to create robustness tests or a design space plan
It will take only a few minutes to create an most advanced experiment plan for robustness tests. 

After the runs ChromSword AutoRobust prepares a report (ReportViewer) including all chromatograms and data incl. resolution, retenion time, area, area% and STDEV of these values.  

All Tables can be exported into Microsoft Word, WordPad and Excel.

 The ReportViewer is a data mananger application and also a navigation tool that is included in ChromSword Auto and AutoRobust.  It provides a graphical interface for accessing chromatograms, spectra, methods and integration results.