CSA | SCREENING of Conditions

Quick AUTOMATED screening of different columns / solvents / buffer combinations 

 is a procedures that allows you to create and modify multistep screening procedures in just minutes.
E.g. screening of a new sample with the following conditions: 2 gradients x 5 columns x 2 solvents x 3 buffers = 120 combinations
ChromSwordAuto | Screening
We should take into account that running this combinations with only two standard gradients (example) will not provide us with consistant results in order to find the best column. A better solution would be to run multiple gradients since sometimes an excellent column exhibits a bad resolution due to a non-optimal method. When preparing screening procedures one has also to program additional steps between changing columns, solvents or buffers like washing out, bypassing, equilibrating.  This task takes a considerable amount of time and its error prone. Using ChromSword Auto for planning and executing the screening runs, makes it very easy to setup and perform this time consuming tasks.

At the end of the sessions, all results of the screening process are included in one report. The results, tables and chromatograms can be exported into html or doc file reports.

ReportViewer | One consolidated report

ChromSwordAuto | ReportViewer