CSA | FINE Optimization

CSA | FINE Optimization

FINE Optimization is the most powerful solution for detailed analysis of samples with full impurity profiling and development of the best isocratic and gradient conditions for full separation of sample components.

The FINE Optimization is based on the results of the RAPID Optimization or the SCREENING

The result of the FINE Optimization is a fully developed method that can be testet for robustness (ChromSword AutoRobust) or transferred to QC for future validation.

Before starting the FINE Optimization procedure the analyst already knows the results of the SCREENING or RAPID Optimization and has selected a promising column / solvent / buffer concentration for the separation of the sample mixture. The only additional parameter the analyst should define is a starting concentration of an organic modifier that is high enough to elute all components.

ChromSword Auto performs both, isocratic and gradient runs to study the sample in detail during the FINE Optimization process.

While studying the sample, ChromSword Auto performs multiple isocratic runs. After each run, ChromSword Auto changes the concentration of the organic modifier step by step depending on the results of the previous experiments in order to make a full peak tracking and elution modelling.  
ChromSword offers the best conditions for an iscoratic separation ‚Äčat the end of the iscoratic runs.

ChromSword then creates multiple linear and step gradient runs for the analyst to compare and chose the best methods depending on his target.