ChromSwordAuto | DataSystem

CSA | DataSystem

ChromSwordAuto DataSystem is an innovative, low cost, and easy to use chromatography data system for instrument control, data analysis and reporting. The data system enables you to create sequences for many samples and methods in a few mouse clicks.  The powerful ReportViewer module analyses results and generated reports automatically.

  • Sample analysis runs
  • Calibration runs - internal or external standard methods
  • Data analysis and report creation
  • Spectra tools included

Create sequences in seconds

The ChromSword DataSystem 5.0 provides a platform for the analysis. Even the most complicated sequences can be created by applying all necessary changes to sequences (e.g. for swithing columns, solvents, buffers) in just few seconds.
CSA | DataSystem Sequence

Change sequence easily

The ChromSword DataSystem 5.0 has been built to provide maximal flexibility.  It not only provides the easy creation of sequences but has also the ability to change already running sequences.

CSA | Data System Flexibility

CSA ReportViewer | Advanced & easy reporting tool

The ChromSword ReportViewer combined with the DataSystem provides a great platform for the analysis of results and the preparation of reports.

Csa | ReportViewer