ChromSwordAuto | What is it?

ChromSwordAuto is the first-ever automated
chromatography method development data system.

ChromSwordAuto has the capability to control the LC system just like any other data system (e.g. Openlab, Chemstation, Empower CDS, Chromeleon, etc.) and assumes at the same time the automated HPLC method development task

CSA | How does it work?

ChromSwordAuto simulates actions and decisions of human method developer.

ChromSwordAuto is a powerful method development software capable of developing new methods or improving existing ones fully automatically.  ChromSword Auto (CSA) is based on theory of liquid chromatography, newest computing technologies and more than 20 years of practical experience in HPLC method development.

This extremely powerful combination enables the software to search for optimal separation conditions fully automatically.

Support of different modes of chromatography:

  • reversed-phase
  • ion-pair
  • normal-phase
  • ion-exchange
  • chiral
  • large molecules
CSA supports different techniques

ChromSwordAuto System Versatility

ChromSwordAuto supports different system configurations with one column and UV detector up to advanced LC systems with column and solvent switching valves and two different detectors from basic UV up to DAD, FLD, MS and other.

CSA | System Versatility
CSA | Preferred VendorsCSA | Prefered Vendors