ChromSwordAuto | How does it work?

ChromSwordAuto (CSA) is based on theory of liquid chromatography, newest computing technologies and more than 20 years of practical experience in HPLC method development.

In ChromSwordAuto we have combined automated instrument control and data exchange with mathematical optimization procedures and artificial intelligence methods for making decisions after each run. This extremely powerful combination enables the software to search for optimal separation conditions fully automatically.

ChromSwordAuto and e.g. ChemStation®

ChromSwordAuto | How does it work?

1) ChromSwordAuto (CSA) sends a task to a Chromatography Data System (CDS) which creates & executes the first method to run the HPLC instrument. All method and run data are collected and stored in CDS.

2) CSA receives the raw data, processes them, learns from the experiment, makes an intelligent decision for the next run and 

3) Sends a new run request to the CDS for execution.

4) CSA receives again the data and makes decisions for the next runs. ChromSwordAuto generates a report with the experimental conditions and results after completion of the method development tasks.