AquaScreen® Fast DNA Extract

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The AquaScreen® product line is an in vitro test system for quantitative detection of various water pathogens. The AquaScreen® FastExtract kit is specifically designed for extracting microbial DNA from water samples. The kit complies with the design requirements of ISO/TS 12869:2012. The extracted DNA is used in conjunction with our AquaScreen® qPCR kits for sensitive and reliable detection of legionella and other bacteria in water samples.
The AquaScreen® FastExtract kit works robustly with various volumes of water samples by utilizing 0.4 µm filter membranes in order to capture microorganisms. Bacterial cells are subsequently lysed on the filter membrane, followed by spin column purification. The DNA is eluted in minimal volumes and ready-to-use for qPCR.


Rapid DNA extraction from water samples

Scope of Application
AquaScreen® FastExtract can be used with your established suction device (47 mm frit) for the extraction of legionella and other microbial contaminations. AquaScreen® FastExtract is optimized for high flow and throughput and provides high quality DNA for subsequent PCR analysis.

Kit Components
Membrane filters
Incubation dishes
Incubation, collection and sample storage tubes
Lysis, wash and elution buffers

Package Sizes
Cat. No. 32-1010    10 extractions
Cat. No. 32-1050    50 extractions

Required Lab Equipment & Consumables
Vacuum pump
Filtration system, 47 mm frit
Pipets and filter tips
Incubator (37 °C for petri dishes, 56 °C for reaction tubes)
Ethanol (96-100 %)

The kit must be stored at room temperature.

AFNOR XP T90-471 and ISO/TS 12869:2012 in combination with AquaScreen® qPCR kits